Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Implantability courses different and better?

Our courses employ a simple 1-2-3-4 success process:

Step 1.  Comprehensive didactic training. This video lecture series covering decades worth of private practice cases presented strategically from least to most complex. Each case includes an intricate explanation of current best practices and cutting edge methodologies. 
Step 2. Realistic model surgery training. Students will practice on proprietary “life-like” simulation models. The models are mode of variable density bone with accurate soft tissue dimensions. Unlike most models, Implantability models allow multiple repetitions to perfect new techniques. 
Step 3. Step-by-Step Live Surgery in HD. After the didactic and model surgery sections, we present multiple live surgery examples and instruct how to apply all that you have learned comprehensively. 
Step 4. Implantability Treatment Planning Software. Lastly we offer access to our proprietary procedural planning software to ensure no procedures and their associated codes are missed. In short.

What is included in the course?

All didactic, model surgery and live surgery HD videos. Implant drills, implants, components and provisionals, Implantability treatment planning software.

Do you offer payment options?

We want to offer the highest quality education in the most affordable way possible offering courses staring at just $229 per month. The first case completed in private practice pays for the course!

What is the Implantability software I gain access to with my course?

At Implantability we aid professionals by providing the most efficient and accurate dental implant treatment planning software. Implantability effortlessly guides your patient and staff through complex surgical & restorative procedures; building trust, increasing case acceptance, profitability and facilitating financing while reducing stress, time and liability. Never Miss a Procedural Code Again! On average we have seen a 33% increase in patient acceptance and a 6 figure increase in honest annual revenue after the software is implemented in the practice!!!

Do you offer discounts?

We offer discounts for resident programs and dental students. 
We also offer lower cost options for the video content only. The “hands-on” simulation models, drils, implants, components and provisionals are NOT included. Digital content only also awards less CE credit.

How many CE credits will I be getting from an Implantability course?

Our courses offer CE credits awarded upon successful completion of each course ranges from 15-25 hours per course. Our current portfolio of courses offers a total of 110 CE credits when all courses are completed successfully!

Is the CE certified?

Yes! By PACE.

How do students claim their CE credits?

After the course curriculum has been completed, requirements submitted the exam has been passed, the Implantability team will approve your CE. Your certificate will be generated digitally and emailed you directly. 
Summary: Implantability is simply THE MOST comprehensive, BEST value dental implant education platform offering the MOST CE credit available on the market that will help you take your practice to the next level!