Course #5: Accelerated “All-on-X” Full-Arch Fixed

About Course

Is “All-on-4” the best treatment according to the literature? According to a review of the literature, the type of fixed prosthesis (FP-1, 2 or 3) dictates the number of implants in a fixed prosthesis. 5+ implants are found to have a greater long-term success rate than 4 in the edentulous maxilla (Sadowsky, S. et al., J Prostho 2015). 

In this 5th course attendees will explore and practice the most predictable, evidence-based, efficient and cost-effective SURGICAL & RESTORATIVE full-arch fixed techniques. These modern treatment modalities increase success rates, optimize clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction & ultimately, elevating the standard of care. 

Case-based learning extensively covers different types of full-arch fixed implant therapies. Potential complications patients and clinicians may experience and most importantly how to avoid and manage them effectively are discussed.

Course includes: on-demand didactic training, life-like 3D model surgery including implants and restorative components, immediate prostheses and live surgery trainings

Attendees will also learn to increase case acceptance by enhancing their ability to plan treatment and present complex treatment with the aid of our innovative proprietary software Implantability™.  

Efficiently and effectively planning, presenting, billing and executing successful complex implant treatment improves fulfillment and profitability upgrading your private practice to it’s fullest potential!

Didactic: 20 videos 6hs 10min
Model Surgery: 59 videos 4h 52min
Live Surgery: 74 videos 4h 37min

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What Will You Learn?

  • Review of Current Literature
  • Proper clinical and radiographic diagnosis
  • Pre-operative planning and preparation
  • Patient communication
  • Treatment planning, presentation & billing
  • Extraction techniques
  • Bone reduction techniques
  • Fundamentals of Immediate Osteotomy preparation
  • Bone grafting
  • Immediate hybrid conversion techniques
  • Post operative instructions
  • Restorative techniques
  • Management of Complications
  • Indications and benefits of immediate full-arch implants

Course Content

Module #1: Didactic

  • 01. Introduction
  • 02. Case 1: Defining Fixed Prostheses; FP-1, FP-2, FP-3. Segmental Hybrid Prosthesis, Site Specific Implants, Osseodensification
  • 03. Case 2: High Smile Line, FP-1, Site-Specific Implants.
  • 04. Case 3: Severe Root Resorption. Full-Arch Immediate Final FP-1, Straight and Max Implants
  • 05. Cases 4-8: FP-1 Complications.
  • 06. Case 9: Generalized Periodontitis. FP-3, CoAxis & Max Implants, Osseodensification
  • 07. Case 10: Generalized Periodontitis. FP-“2.5”, Inverta CoAxis & Max Implants, Osseodensification.
  • 08. Case 11: Terminal Dentition. FP-“2.5”, Tilted Implant Approach, CoAxis Implants.
  • 09. Case 12: Edentulous, All-on-X Revision. FP-3, Straight Implants.
  • 10. Case 13: Edentulous, All-on-X Revision. FP-3, Benefits of CoAxis Implants, Osseodensification.
  • 11. Case 14: Severe Generalized Periodontitis – FP-3, CoAxis Implants.
  • 12. Case 15: Edentulous, All-on-X Revision. FP-3, Asymmetric Posterior Maxillary Bone Atrophy, Zygomatic Implants.
  • 13. Case 16: Vertical Maxillary Excess (VME) with Generalized Periodontitis. FP-3, Zygomatic Implants.
  • 14. Case 17: Combination Syndrome, Generalized Severe Atrophy. FP-3.
  • 15. Case 18: Complications in Full-Arch Implant Therapy: Fractured Zirconia Suprastructure.
  • 16. Case 19: Complications in Full-Arch Implant Therapy: Fixture Mount Fracture, Implant Removal, Risks of FP-1.
  • 17. Case 20: Complications in Full-Arch Implant Therapy: Management of Sub-lingual Hematoma Due to Perforation of Lingual Plate.
  • 18. Complications in Full-Arch Implant Therapy: Video Compilation
  • 19. Case 22: Alternative Treatment to Fixed.
  • 20. Conclusion

Module #2: Model Surgery (Maxilla) – Straight Implants

Module #3: Model Surgery (Maxilla) – Angle Correcting Implants

Module #4: Model Surgery (Mandible) – Straight Implants

Module #5: Model Surgery (Mandible) – Angle Correcting Implants

Module #6: Live Patient Surgery (Maxilla) – Straight Implants

Module #7: Live Patient Surgery (Maxilla) – Angle Correcting Implants

Module #8: Live Patient Surgery – (Mandible)

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